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Actraiser – Galactic Tides [Track]

January 19, 2017  |  TRACK  |  5:38  |  posted by sarcastro
Out now! on Galacy Records: ? Liquicity Summerfestival 2017! ? Follow ActRaiser ► Send ...

Celsius Podcast #15 Actraiser Production Mix [Mix]

January 11, 2017  |  MIX  |  1:17:00  |  posted by sarcastro

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ActRaiser - Been A Long Time [Fokuz]
ActRaiser - Nowhere To Hide [Fokuz]
ActRaiser - Galactic Tides [Galacy]
ActRaiser - Journey Onwards [Celsius]
ActRaiser - Solutions (feat Oscar Michael) [Celsius]
ActRaiser - Winter Lights [Fokuz]
ActRaiser - Altima [Fokuz]
ActRaiser - Tipping Point (feat La Meduza) [Liquid Drops]
ActRaiser - Cosmic Shift [Celsius]
ActRaiser - Drawing With Light [Fokuz]
ActRaiser - Caya's Song [Fokuz]
ActRaiser - Time Stands Still [Celsius]
ActRaiser - Midnight Wanderers [Fokuz]
ActRaiser - Candelabra [Fokuz]
ActRaiser - Focal Point [Galacy]
ActRaiser - No Place Like Home (with Tremah) [Liquid Drops]
ActRaiser - Celestial Navigation [Fokuz]
ActRaiser - Missing Paradise [Celsius]
ActRaiser - Lonely Traveller [Fokuz]
ActRaiser - Creature Comforts [Fokuz]
ActRaiser - Without You [Fokuz]
ActRaiser - Into The Wilderness [Fokuz]
ActRaiser - Nebulus [Ambra]
ActRaiser - Voyager [Celsius]
ActRaiser - Quiet Stars [Fokuz]
ActRaiser - Cloud Surfing [Fokuz]
ActRaiser - Slipstream [Fokuz]
ActRaiser - Love For You (with Tremah) [Liquid Drops]
ActRaiser - Emerald City (feat Oscar Michael) [Fokuz]
ActRaiser - Inner Beauty [Celsius]
ActRaiser - Separation Anxiety [Celsius]
ActRaiser - Full Moon [Med School]
ActRaiser - Cloud Nine [Unreleased]
ActRaiser - Strange New Worlds [Celsius]
ActRaiser - Vision Quest [Fokuz]
ActRaiser - Flight Path [Liquicity]

ActRaiser brings you a studio mix celebrating some of his personal favourite and most popular tracks from the last few years!

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