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CCDNB 008 Furious Records Showcase Mix Featuring DJ LEXX

June 14, 2009  |  MIX  |  46:54  |  posted by sarcastro

Show Tracklist

Vinyl Syndicate - Man Of Steal (Slip N Slide 2K Remix)
D-Region - Space Rock
Division By Zero - Propellor
D-Region - Let Go (D-Region & Lexx Remix)
Stare & Phibbs - E.S.P.
Division By Zero - Bailiff
D-Region - Cry Baby
D-Region - Camden Town Funk
Dark Agenda - Boogie Nights
Offload - Erupted Hatred (DBZ & Spazztek Remix)
Awaking State - Love, F*ck (Locuss Remix)
D-Region - Terminator’s Theme
D-Region - The Way It Feels Remix (DS-1 Remix)
D-Region - Buenos Aires
D-Region - Fired Up
D-Region - Labyrinths
D-Region - Baby Boy Remix
Toya - I Do (D-Region & Lexx Remix)
Slip N Slide - Let Me Know

We're back! Furious Records Front man DJ LEXX offers up a diverse selection of Drum and Bass anthems off his label. featuring tracks by D Region, Division by Zero, Stare & Phibbs, Slip and Slide, Dark Agenda, DS1 and Locus.

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