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CCDNB 045 Feat Traj MC [Mix]

March 10, 2017  |  MIX  |  47:55  |  posted by sarcastro

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Fast Forward - Incandescent
Alright - Just Mayhem
Feel The Same - Mutt feat Tedder
Dark Light - Tyr Kohout
Clap It Up - Skepsis
Amen By Nature - R.M.S.
Good Body Gal - Vinyl Fixx
Everything We Go Through - Straying Reality
So Long - Schematic & Polaris
Steppaside - Marcus Visionary Feat Steppa Style
Alignment - Polaris
Sleeping Beauty - Brockout
Romancing The Stone - Hungry T
White Monster (Incandescent Remix) - Namida
Stethoscope - Tryptamine
No Matter - R.M.S.
Simple Diagnosis - Tryptamine
Sinner Man - Mutt feat. Tedder
Lay You Down - Schematic & Hungry T feat. Grimm

CCDNB Podcast Episode 045 Feat Traj MC Tracklist Fast Forward - Incandescent Alright - Just Mayhem Feel The Same - Mutt feat Tedder Dark Light - Tyr Kohout Clap It Up - Skepsis Amen By Nature - R.M.S. Good Body Gal - Vinyl Fixx Everyth...

CCDNB 044 Feat M.C.P. [Mix]

April 12, 2016  |  MIX  |  50:57  |  posted by sarcastro

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Creep - Schematic (Inner City Dance)
Want It - R.M.S. & DCision
Feelings - Hungry T (Digital Roots)
Forgotten Hymns - Mutants
Unnamed Dub - Hungry T (Inner City Dance - Dub)
This Movement - Hedway (Black Tuna Recordings)
Miracle - Brockout (Black Tuna Recordings)
Freewheeler - Skaylz & The Junk-e (Bedlam Threadz Free Download)
Aquarius - Polaris & Stranjah
Fall Down - DJ rOhmz
Whipslap - Dimension (Incandescent Bootleg)
Give It To Me - 6IX (Intaface Audio)
Dub Hold - Skaylz & The Junk-e (Bedlam Threadz Free Download)
Ghetto Messiah - R.M.S.
All Types Of Shade - 6IX (Intaface Audio)
Let Me Go - Kurt Funk
Friction On My Feet - Hungry T (Digital Roots)
Bring The Heat - Polaris Feat. Schematic

DJ Love Hz returns with another fresh edition of the CCDNB Podcast! Joining him in studio, Kapulet and M.C.P., counting down the hottest Canadian Drum & Bass climbing the chats right now!

CCDNB Podcast 041 – DJ Love Hz

August 10, 2015  |  MIX  |  59:47  |  posted by sarcastro

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Where I Want To be - Just-Mayhem ft Rebel Vicks (Insane Ambition Recordings)
Power Trip - Skaylz & The Junk-e (DUB)
In Pursuit - Artifice (Inner City Dance)
Conduit - Schematic & Polaris (DUB)
Strange Guy - Hedway (Black Tuna Recordings)
Echolocation - Incandescent (DUB)
Foul Point - Skepsisdnb (DUB)
Get Off Me - Scartat (DUB)
‪#‎Comein‬ - Imran Graffiti (DUB)
Reverse - Hungry T (Audio Addict Records)
Abyss - Hydra (DUB)
Camel Clutch - Sureshock (Machinist Music)
Waiting here for you (Mage Remix) - Reflektor (C. Recordings)
At You - Hedway (Black Tuna)
Carcinogen - Skepsis (DUB)
Bash Ya Brains In - Vodden D&B & M455 EFFECT - (Sound Solution Digital Free Download)
Cold Calculations - Brockout (Black Tuna Recordings)
Odyssey - Jodi & Merdz & Hosta (DUB)
Breathe - Totemic (DUB)

DJ Love Hz sits alone in the studio bringing in a massive amount of brand new Drum & Bass and Jungle being made right in Canada!

CCDNB 039 Feat. Kapulet & DJ Love Hz [Mix]

June 5, 2015  |  MIX  |  1:00:53  |  posted by sarcastro

Show Tracklist

Screw Face - Vinyl Fixx
Eglinton - Matt Rose
Admissions of Love - 6IX & RMS
Left Behind - Hungry T
You Know The Game - Brockout
Tantra - Imran Graffiti
Stars - Just Mayhem
String Theory - Stickbubby
Black Gate - Dioptrics
What If - 4Everest
Queensyze & Ded Sheppard Feat. MC Shockin B - Ghost Massive
Carlos Russo feat. Cassandra Kay - On My Way (J X H Remix)
Funked Up (Original Mix) - Echo Swift
Sound Dead Now - El Richie
He's Angry - Incandescent
Greaser - Tryptamine
Stained In Blood - Skepsis
Million $ Baby - Pacific

Kapulet & Love Hz get back into the studio for another episode of the CCDNB Podcast. This one is loaded with brand new tunes!

DJ Love Hz – Live In Ottawa (NYE ’15) [Mix]

February 25, 2015  |  MIX  |  1:02:53  |  posted by sarcastro
DJ Love Hz, Live in Ottawa for New Years Eve! If I remember correctly… the power got cut to the whole rig at sometime though the set… That was fun… MUCH LOVE TO MY ROUGH CREW FAMILY!!! Tracklist: Soon to come… *"But dat first choon do...

CCDnB 035 Feat. Polaris

February 2, 2015  |  MIX  |  1:00:34  |  posted by sarcastro

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Cutty Ranks & Curtis Lynch - Badness (Marcus Visionary Remix) (Inner City Dance)
Rotator - Spasm (Repertoire UK)
Stranjah - The Romp (Abducted LTD)
R.M.S - Revival -(Intaface Audio)
Schematic - Yeah, what? (Dub)
Skepsisdnb - Decapod (Dub)
Skaylz & The Junk-e - Greed (Dub)
Mutants - Different Drummer (Logical Direction Records)
Grizzygrizz - Dangerous Dreams (Dub)
Polaris - Time Goes By (Dub)
Just Mayhem - Feel Good (Dub)
Absolute Value & bLazem - Finally (Absolute Value & bLazem Records)
Forest City - Captivate (Dub)
Hungry T - StreetLights (Inner City Dance)
Scheme Being - You Got The Love (Dub)
Grimm - Heartbeat (Jedi Collective)
Machinedrum - Gunshotta (Systms Bootleg) (Dub)
Slip & Slide - Let Me Know (Dungeon Kru Remix) (Dub)
Polaris - The Machine (Dub)

DJ Love Hz sits down with DJs Kapulet and Polaris to talk about the newest and the best Drum & Bass being created by Canadians today.

CCDnB 034 Feat. Hungry T

January 4, 2015  |  MIX  |  1:00:36  |  posted by sarcastro

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Hungry T - Feelings
Stranjah - The Boy
Ryan Hemsworth - Colour & Movement (Systms Remix)
Polaris - T-Driver
Vinyl Fixx - Dominator
Skepsis - Delirium
Brockout - Nobody Knows
Schematic - One By One
Bloody L - Vitality (Live)
Scheme Being - Someone Else
Rubix & Splinta - The Exorcist (Skaylz & The Junk-e Remix)
Systms - Lazer Based
Operator - Perfect
Wake The Phantom - Someday
Dam'age - Metropolitan Meltdown
Hungry T - Turn Me On

DJ Love Hz invites Toronto Producer Hungry T to sit in on Episode 34, where the two discuss some of the hottest new Canadian Drum & Bass being produced today.

BNE Presents: DJ Love Hz – The Toronto Mixtape Vol. 2 [Mix]

March 28, 2014  |  MIX  |  55:40  |  posted by sarcastro

Show Tracklist

Rene LaVice - Where My Ladies At
MSMR - Bones (Dcision & Collin All-Shotz Remix)
Rotator - Spasm
Handcutz - Science Bitch
Dcision & Collin All-Shotz ft. Mutants - Made of Mind
Code Red - As We Enter
Artifice & Statistic - Arsonist
Gremlinz - Fallen (Martian Man Remix)
Polaris - Reactor no. 4
Schematic - One by One
Skaylz & The Junk-e - Greed
Stickbubbly - Grey Matter
Artifice - Convulsions
Leans Maloy - It Was You (Schematic Remix)
Graism - Dinner Breaks (Dam'age Remix)
Artifice - Deep Sound
Tephra & Arkoze ft MC Frequency - No Escape VIP
Schematic - Migraine
Total Science & Grimm - Another Time
Mutt - Conversations (Gremlinz & Rene LaVice Remix)
Hungry T - Turn Me On
Brockout - Fear the Future
S4MCRO - Archetype

Break'n Entertainment & DJ Love Hz Present: The Toronto Mixtape Vol. 2 The following is a collection of 100% Toronto Drum & Bass productions, collaborations and remixes. Support Your Local! Check out for th...

DJ Love Hz – Camo & Krooked DJ Invitational Mix [Mix]

February 13, 2014  |  MIX  |  41:45  |  posted by sarcastro

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Digital Bumble Bees - DJ Hazard
Next to the Speakers (Seba Remix) - John Dahlback Feat. Adam Tensta & Dida
Tripwire - Rockwell
Journey Inwards - Optiv & CZA
Bigger, Faster, Stronger - State of Mind
Be Yourself - BTK
Chubrub - Ed Rush & Optical
Hotbox - Mind Vortex
Angel - Rene LaVice
Paranormal - Frankee
Overdrive - Hamilton
Iodine - Kove
Losing You (DnB Mix) - Loadstar Feat. Jenn D
Stardust - Mindscape
Slander - Optiv & BTK
Attention - Moving Fusion
Detroit - Rockwell
Swag - DC Breaks
Electric City - Raw Therory
Sequenz (Mefjus Remix)- Neosignal
U GOtta Be Crazy (Enei Remix) - London Elektricity

This is a short mix I have done for Camo & Krooked's DJ Invitational, for a chance to open for them at The Hoxton, in Toronto, Canada, Feb. 28, 2014. It would be a huge night for me as my birthday is Feb. 26 Pretty please... Vote for me h...

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