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CCDNB 021 On Point Recordings Showcase Mix Featuring Everfresh and Lucky General

April 8, 2010  |  MIX  |  57:46  |  posted by sarcastro

Show Tracklist

Johhny Osbourne - No Ice Cream Sound (everfresh special)(On Point dub)
Division One - Sound Bizness (On Point - op001)
Mega-Ton Project - Cold (On Point - op002)
Mega-Ton Project - Bad Man (On Point - op001)
Catchin' Wreck - Vibrations (On Point - op003)
Everfresh - I like it (On Point - op003)
Mega-Ton Project - Hold On (On Point - op004)
Odyssey - Champagne (On Point - op006)
Odyssey - Recognize (On Point - op005)
Odyssey - Nasty (On Point - op005)
Odyssey - Funk Odyssey (On Point - op006)
Visionary - Global Emergency (On Point - op007)
Visionary ft. Peter Ranking - In The Dancehall (On Point - op007)
Visionary - Dead Man Walking (On Point - op008)
Visionary ft. camp souljah - Run For Your Life (On Point - op008)
Visionary - Whip Them (On Point - op010)
Visionary ft. Spikey T - Whip Them Soundboy (On Point - op009)
Isaac Maya ft. Bandulu Dub - Another Meditation (On Point - op009)
Visionary ft. Camp Souljah - Run For Your Life VIP(On Point - op010)
Visionary - Bad Man VIP (Aries Quick Remix) (On Point dub)
Rub-A-Dub Soldiers - No Gun (Smokers001)
Visionary - Cool & Deadly (On Point dub)
Stalefish - Be Careful (smokers001)
Visionary - Bad Man VIP (Serum Big On The Streets Remix) (On Point dub)
Kandiman - Original On Point Sound (Everfresh Special) (On Point dub)

In our second installment of the Canadian label showcase mixes, On Point Recordings label boss and veteran DJ Everfresh lays down a tidy mix of his imprints catalog in chronological order alongside MC Lucky General. BIG! www.onpointmusic.ca

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