Noisia Radio S01E03 [Mix]

July 10, 2015  |  1:00:16  |  posted by sarcastro
Thijs has been exploring Florence in the days leading up to a show there tonight, whilst we (Nik and Martijn) were working on new Noisia material in the studios so we recorded this week's episode of Noisia Radio together. With a selection ranging f...

Noisia Radio S01E02 [Mix]

July 3, 2015  |  1:02:05  |  posted by sarcastro
The second episode of Noisia Radio! Continuing where we left off last week, we've got more of the good stuff for you: a lot of nice music including some fresh new tunes, some cool stories (bro) and some more stupid jokes and sheepish laughs :D We'...

Noisia D&BTV Interview – Noisia Invites, Groningen

January 23, 2013  |  INTERVIEW  |  5:26  |  posted by sarcastro
We went over to meet up with the Noisia guys in their home town of Groningen, Holland. They showed us around, gave us an insight into Dutch life, and here is what they had to say... Enjoy! Like us: Follow us: htt...

Noisia – Facade [Track]

February 23, 2012  |  TRACK  |  5:59  |  posted by sarcastro
RAM's Drum & Bass Annual 2016 - watch/listen here! Available to buy now: NOISIA (who took their name from the word VISION inverted on an upside down VHS tape) are Nik Roos, Thijs de Vlieger and Mar...

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