CCDNB 014 Producer Showcase mix featuring Catacomb

Artist:  Catacomb ()

Catacomb - Rise From Ruin (Cyanide)
Catacomb - Euro Balls (Disturbed)
Catacomb - Immortal (Spun)
Catacomb - Strange Planet (Shadybrain)
Catacomb - The Zodiac (Syndrome)
Catacomb - Rootvein (Cyanide)
Catacomb - Bloodmuscle (Smptm)
Catacomb - Between The Bars (Syndrome)
Catacomb - Gut Wrench (Prspct)
Catacomb - Arms In Reach (Citrus)
Catacomb - Filthy Fu*king Faces VIP (Prospect)
Catacomb - Desert Storm (Cyanide)
Catacomb - Foul Matter (Syndrome)
Catacomb - Deadlights (Prspct)
Catacomb - Trashmouth (Prspct)
Catacomb - Farewell (Syndrome)

Back for the fourth installment of the producer showcase mix series Kapulet Features a selection from the dark gritty tombs of the one they call Catacomb. Making his mark internationally with dark anger driven drum and bass this producers intricate work is not for the faint of heart!

Mixed by Kapulet

Source:  SoundCloud  (


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