CCDNB 031 With John Rolodex and Rene Lavice

Artists:  Kapulet (), John Rolodex (), Rene LaVice ()

Drake - Best I've Ever Had (Mutt Remix) (Love Holland)
Schematic - Drama (Dub)
Grimm and Stranjah - Reign Supreme (Dub)
Stickbubbly - Key Mon (Back to the Dance Floor Records)
Mischief and Mayhem feat NME - Philly Fresh (Cyntax Error)
Spinlock - Tigerblood (Stride Recordings)
Heavy Bass Hitter
Unknown - Scary Monsters and Sprites (Bootleg Remix)
Interveiw with John Rolodex
John Rolodex - Box of Snakes (Machinist Music)
Interveiw with John Rolodex
Rene Lavice - Headlock (Mashinist Music)
Heavy Bass Hitter
Poldek H- Missing (Dub)
Telekinesis & NC-17 feat. KC - Micronaps (State of Mind)
Canadian Classic
John Rolodex - Badman Soundboy (Dread Recordings) Dragon EP 2002

The CCDNB podcast is back again. Kapulet and Rene lavice Take you through a spectrum of homegrown DnB and we have a talk with one of the most internationally recognized artists to come out of Canada, John Rolodex, about his new Machinist Music imprint.

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