CCDNB 040 – Western Canada Edition – Feat. DJ Proph

Artist:  DJ Proph ()

Sureshock - The hive
Psidream - Frozen in Time
Aversive - You know
Nova - C51
Wood and Soo - Handclaps
Stickybuds - D.T.A (Remix)
Mark Instinct - CTRL
Queensyze and Ded Sheppard - Wrong Canadians
Skepsis - Rank
Krusha - Need your Loving
Crystal Fresh - Wake up
Just Mayhem - Day Walker
Pacific - Formula 1
Rizzo - Mr. Big
DJ Cain and Wakcutt - INTFAR
John Rolodex & T Power - That Jungle Vibe
TL1 - Hypoxia
Captivate - Forest City

DJ Love Hz heads over to the beautiful city of Calgary for the 403DNB Crew’s massive DnB weekend, Metropolis. While there he was able to sit in with DJ Proph who organized an entire hour mix featuring all Western Canada DnB Producer submissions. To have your music featured on the show, send it to

Source:  SoundCloud  (


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