Celsius Podcast #15 Actraiser Production Mix [Mix]

Artists:  ActRaiser, Nelver

ActRaiser - Been A Long Time [Fokuz]
ActRaiser - Nowhere To Hide [Fokuz]
ActRaiser - Galactic Tides [Galacy]
ActRaiser - Journey Onwards [Celsius]
ActRaiser - Solutions (feat Oscar Michael) [Celsius]
ActRaiser - Winter Lights [Fokuz]
ActRaiser - Altima [Fokuz]
ActRaiser - Tipping Point (feat La Meduza) [Liquid Drops]
ActRaiser - Cosmic Shift [Celsius]
ActRaiser - Drawing With Light [Fokuz]
ActRaiser - Caya's Song [Fokuz]
ActRaiser - Time Stands Still [Celsius]
ActRaiser - Midnight Wanderers [Fokuz]
ActRaiser - Candelabra [Fokuz]
ActRaiser - Focal Point [Galacy]
ActRaiser - No Place Like Home (with Tremah) [Liquid Drops]
ActRaiser - Celestial Navigation [Fokuz]
ActRaiser - Missing Paradise [Celsius]
ActRaiser - Lonely Traveller [Fokuz]
ActRaiser - Creature Comforts [Fokuz]
ActRaiser - Without You [Fokuz]
ActRaiser - Into The Wilderness [Fokuz]
ActRaiser - Nebulus [Ambra]
ActRaiser - Voyager [Celsius]
ActRaiser - Quiet Stars [Fokuz]
ActRaiser - Cloud Surfing [Fokuz]
ActRaiser - Slipstream [Fokuz]
ActRaiser - Love For You (with Tremah) [Liquid Drops]
ActRaiser - Emerald City (feat Oscar Michael) [Fokuz]
ActRaiser - Inner Beauty [Celsius]
ActRaiser - Separation Anxiety [Celsius]
ActRaiser - Full Moon [Med School]
ActRaiser - Cloud Nine [Unreleased]
ActRaiser - Strange New Worlds [Celsius]
ActRaiser - Vision Quest [Fokuz]
ActRaiser - Flight Path [Liquicity]

ActRaiser brings you a studio mix celebrating some of his personal favourite and most popular tracks from the last few years! ”Many great tracks were left out in order to help the flow of the mix, so I will do a volume 2 mix soon to feature those tracks!”

If you enjoy ActRaiser’s music then please support hium by buying his tunes from your favourite online digital store! Be sure to follow him on social media too!


Source:  SoundCloud  (Celsius Recordings)


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