Taken – Halloween 2013 Dark DnB Mix


Artist:  Taken

60-Minute Dark DnB Halloween Mix, spun by Taken!

So I had a friend request a dark Halloween mix and I didn’t think I had time. But I love Halloween and thought I’d give it a shot. Now as I typically work, this mix is half-baked. I laced some tracks, made a few notes…added some cheesy effects…and recorded this first drop in one take. Normally, I would review, rework and record a polished version (and I may do that for next year)….but Halloween is Thursday so I’m dropping this one as is. Not as refined as I’d like but FTW…Happy Halloween!

1. Cyberia – Axiom
2. Obituary – Of God (Forbidden Society remix)
3. The Death Catch – Alien Seed
4. Violence – Teddy Killerz
5. A Woman Scorned – Snyde
6. The Witch King – Forbidden Society
7. Warlock – Engage
8. When Gotham is Ashes – iDOLEAST (Russian Version)
9. Parasite Bandit – Sinister Souls ft. Gein and Contrage
10. Am God – Tetradin
11. Demons – Muffler
12. I’m Not Dead – Sunchase
13. Never Say Die – Nanotek
14. Bad Omen – Teddy Killerz, Mizo & Zendi
15. Werewolf – The Upbeats
16. Grim Noire – DJ Hidden

Source:  YouTube  (T4KEN)


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