DNB Dojo Mix Series 41: Fakemachine [Mix]

Artist:  Fakemachine
Our latest mix comes courtesy of Russia’s Fakemachine who serves up a label showcase mix for his Harder & Louder imprint. True to the label’s aesthetic the mix brings together all the shades of hard D&B with neurofunk rollers and crossbreed mashups a plenty; this one is not for the faint of heart!

Perimetre – Aberration (Harder & Louder)
Throttler – The Buzzer (Harder & Louder)
Effect – Lies Everywhere (Harder & Louder)
Dramcore – Witch Hunt (Harder & Louder)
Triple Sickz – Stomper (Brainpain remix) (Harder & Louder)
BSA – Hide & Seek
eDUB vs Tron – This is Sparta vs Walking to the Stars (Mashup)
Svetec – Check The Drums
Dyslexia – Spectrotone
Freqax & Neks – Missing Person
BSA – He is Real (Harder & Louder)
Perimetre – Utopia (Harder & Louder)
Suicide – Citizen X (Harder & Louder)
Effect – The Weakness (Harder & Louder)
Lucio De Rimanez – Hlom
Big-Head – Antique (Harder & Louder)
Suicide – Sclerosis (Harder & Louder)
Kryzys – You’re not Alone Against Crossbreed
Triple Sickz – Stomper (Gorebug remix) (Harder & Louder)
Coroner – Soul Catcher (Harder & Louder)
DJ Hidden – Raw Universe
Dyslexia & MJ Free – Collector
Dramcore – John Connor (Harder & Louder)
Boris S. – Seven Days (Sepromatiq remix)
Throttler – Cassini Ovum (Harder & Louder)

Source:  SoundCloud  (DNB Dojo)


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