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Drumagick – Primetime – 11 August

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With every consecutive release, Program continues to hold the torch for the underground’s rising producers. The sister-label of authoritative imprint Ram Records, they’ve paved the way for newcomers across drum & basses full spectrum, drawing talent from its every corner. Whether that’s in the UK, Europe or across the Atlantic, they stand as a leader for the genre’s underbelly. And for this next release they continue to move with the same A&R flex, this time calling on Drumagick to provide an EP for their next release.

The Brazilian based drum & bass duo rose to international fame after demonstrating their ability to tap into a range of styles, whether that be nu jazz or house, and implement the same diversity for their drum & bass records. This is evident throughout their three-track Program EP, which draws on their background to create a different edge for the label’s growing back catalogue.

The first track slated is ‘Hotshot’, an old-school flavoured, drum ridden roller which switches between peaking sonics and flowing percussive instrumentals. It takes on a vibe which is prevalent throughout festival season, with tuning horns and clattering hi-hats which help set the scene. Drumagick lay out their South American backdrop expertly, pulling you into its sunniest hues. ‘Primetime’ weaves alongside with its antagonistic bassline and steely percussion. The track drops into an almighty kick of sub, bringing down the levels whilst still moving out on its uplifting overtures. And finally, ‘You and Me’ enters the fray, with tinkling note arpeggios and a classically felt piano introduction. Electronic guitar strums sieve their way through the mix, helping to switch up its composition whilst adding to its impressive use of instrumentation.

So once again, it’s time to get with the Program – with Drumagick providing an astounding feat for their first offering on its roster.

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