Forbidden Society Recordings METALCAST vol. 13 feat ZARDONIC [Mix]

Artist:  Zardonic
This time the Metalcast bring the heavyness straight from Venezuela, yes its Zardonic! He is influenced alot with Metal, so it was the right choice to let him to do the Punishment. Zardonic just released an LP on Big Riddim Recordings, and i am sure i don’t need to introduce this badass MF to you. So you know what to do, volume to the right and the speakers straight to the neighbours wall !m!

1) ZARDONIC, COUNTERSTRIKE, GEIN, ROBYN CHAOS – Revolution [Big Riddim] 2) KATHARSYS & FORBIDDEN SOCIETY – One Hundred Thousand [Forbidden Society] 3) COUNTERSTRIKE & EYE-D – The Grind [PRSPCT] 4) DUB ELEMENTS – Bad Girls Go To Hell [Zardonic] 5) FORBIDDEN SOCIETY – Devastating Light [Forbidden Society] 6) COUNTERSTRIKE & ZARDONIC – The Condemned [Counterstrike] 7) HELLTRASH – I Am The Enemy (ZARDONIC Remix) [Self-Released] 8) TECHNICAL ITCH – The Hand (ZARDONIC Edit) [Dubplate] 9) COUNTERSTRIKE – Bodybag (ZARDONIC Edit) [Dubplate] 10) ZARDONIC & RECEPTOR – Destroy [Big Riddim] 11) ZARDONIC – Deathmachine [Big Riddim] 12) ZARDONIC & OMAR SANTANA & EVAN GAMBLE LEWIS – Dominate [Big Riddim] 13) BEHEMOTH – Slaves Shall Serve [Regain Records / Century Media]



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