Forbidden Society Recordings Metalcast vol.15 feat C NETIK & FRAGZ [Mix]

Artists:  Fragz, C-Netik
This time the Metalcast is done by two Portugese guys : C Netik & Fragz. In my personal opinion both tallented guys, David ( C Netik ) signed his tracks to PRSPCT, Fragz is about to explode like an atom bomb too, so watch out those bastards! They have alot to say in my opinion. While thinking about this listen to their heavy full of energy mix. I heard your neighbours missed the Metalcast mix for so long! !m!

Forbidden Society Recordings METALCAST Vol. 15 feat C-Netik & Fragz

1.Six Ft. Ditch – March of the SFD
2.C-Netik & Fragz – Six Feet Ditch
3.Mathizm & Memtrix – Cardiak Arrest
4.Fragz – Pyromaniac
5.Counterstrike & Cooh – Crowd Surfer (The Outside Agency Remix)
6.C-Netik – The Center
7.Lowroller – Mixbreed Soldier (C-Netik & Fragz Remix)
8.Katharsys & Freqax – Violence
9.Counterstrike, The Panacea & Robyn Chaos – Thunderstatement
10.C-Netik & Fragz – Antilife
11.C-Netik & Erre – Common Dance
12.Forbidden Society – Destroy The Icon (Gancher & Ruin Remix)
13.Cooh & Fragz – Space Cake
14.C-Netik – Judgment
15.Fragz – The Hunger
16.Deathmachine – Extermination
17.Fragz – Rage Within
18.Fragz & Freqax – Our Choice
19.For The Glory – Survival of The Fittest
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