Forbidden Society Recordings METALCAST Vol 35 feat PYTHIUS [Mix]

Artist:  Pythius
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Metalcast vol. 35 by the Dutch talent Pythius! This producer, newly under the wings of Black Sun Empire’s Blackout label, has been destroying the Drum & Bass scene with his releases lately! With all the harder edged neuro DnB bombs he’s been dropping, it was only a matter of time until this talented producer took on the challenge of making a Metalcast and serving you up a nice dose of Drum & Bass. Make sure to turn your volume up, as we heard your neighbors are starting to miss your soundsystem!


01.Mind Vortex – Against The Grain [Ram] 02.Icicle – The Edge (Black Sun Empire Remix) [Shogun Dub] 03.Khronos – ??? [Dub] 04.Optiv & BTK – Dive Bomb [Virus] 05.Cod3x – Space Gang [Bad Taste Dub] 06.Pythius – ??? [Dub] 07.Disprove, Inward, Hanzo & Randie – The Hutt [Redlight Dub] 08.Neonlight & Wintermute – Influ [Blackout] 09.Pythius – Air Raid [Blackout] 10.MachineCode – Counterbalance Ft. Coppa [C4C Dub] 11.Sinister Souls – Darkside [Othercide Dub] 12.Pythius – BBT Wait And Bleed VIP [Dub] 13.Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind – Jack Nicholson [Blackout] 14.Pythius – Abandon [Blackout] 15.Misanthrop – Capitalism [Blackout] 16.Heamy & Asphexia – Digitam Mayhem [Bad Taste] 17.Synthakt – Memento Mori [Culture Assault Dub] 18.The Outside Agency & Deathmachine – Just Noise [Genosha 175] 19.Gorgoroth – Carving A Gian

Source:  SoundCloud  (Metalcast)


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