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Kung – ‘Drink’ – Out Now – TBC

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Program has prided itself in digging a little deeper into the vaults of drum & bass, moving away from the more commercial success of its sister-label Ram and delivering cut after cut of uncompromising talent. Matching the same stellar standards as Ram, but delving into the scene’s shadier corners, Program has flexed its A&R skill once again, pulling out another newcomer who’s been slowly building their nest.

Known to the world as Kung, the Spanish drum & bass producer has made himself known across the scene with support from the likes of keys players such as Jade, Billain and Misanthrop. Despite having a dedicated background in dance music, it wasn’t until 2007 that he finally took found his calling in the studio, as well as behind the decks, dropping his selections to crowds all over Europe. Whether it’s in Italy or the Netherlands, Kung has continued to offer tracks like the ones demonstrated on Program’s forthcoming EP. He’s slowly been expanding his fan base, becoming one of the most exciting newcomers to come through in recent years.

Opening the EP is his collaboration with MC Hijak, who lends his brooding, grimy vocals for a slammer which replays its heavy bassline and crunching beats from start to finish. It’s a lumbering, intimidating concoction of bass and clicking drum patterns, unafraid to let you in on Kung’s chaotic musical imagining. ‘Once’ follows the same damaging, technical conundrum of sniping percussion and moody breaks. Kung is relentless in his onslaught, although this time he creates a track which also allows lighter instrumentals to break through the mix. It proves that despite packing a punch, can also Kung diversify his sounds.

‘Honeypot’ presents itself next, with a misleading intro which drops you straight through into crafted chaos. Then comes ‘Loveish’, encompassing a more light-hearted vibe, with pitched up vocals, mewing-horns and crunching kick. Ending the five tracks is ‘Decompose’, alluding to its track title with its low end, pounding bass. Its intricate sound design demonstrates why Program enlisted him for their next release.

It’s time to get with the Program – a digital platform which finds you the best of drum & basses underbelly.

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