Magnetude – ‘Entr’acte’ [Track]


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Released – 17th August

Magnetude are a powerhouse and the quickness of their output proves this. The Anglo-Russian duo were picked up by drum & bass figurehead Ram Records after a succession of releases which saw the pair play with their inherently musical, yet full-frontal sonics, amassing a fanbase which had already stretched throughout the world’s ever corner. But they’ve now been thrust even further into the spotlight, slowly becoming a household name with every release they’ve dropped on the Ram imprint.

Their forthcoming single ‘Entr’acte’ is a step further into the dark for Magnetude, whilst its tinkering, circus themed intro takes you straight into the fray. As the track gradually begins to build on rolling drum patterns and creepy atmospherics, you’re pushed down a cataclysmic drop, one which is spiked with obtrusive hooks. Magnetude go full throttle with this release, stepping it up a gear and proving that despite their more dancefloor oriented records like ‘Snatch’ and ‘Arcade’, their sound’s foundations have a nastier underpinning.

Magnetude are quickly becoming a recognisable force within drum & bass, one which is set to takeover sound systems throughout every festival this summer. And with yet more music to come from the producers, this is just the beginning of their dance music exploration.

Source:  YouTube  (RAM Records)


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