Ninja Ninja Guest Mix: HLZ

Artist:  HLZ
With a brand new release forthcoming on the brilliant @warm-communications HLZ has dropped an exclusive mix for us. Wicked selection and plenty of dubs!

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HLZ – Jane Doe (Lost recordings)
Ivy Lab – Gomeisa (Critical)
Random Movement – Sleazy Bitch (Fokuz)
Spirit – Life goes on (Blue Mar Ten)
Perverse – Terrain ( Flexout )
HLZ – NDRX (Lost recordings)
Ivy lab – Forex (Critical )
Break,Need for mirrors & HLZ – Atlas shrugged (Symmetry)
HLZ – Eyes of silver (Peer Pressure)
Arpxp – Surrealism VIP
HLZ – Corals (Peer Pressure)
Reso – Coming back to you (Hospital)
Hlz – Dying Memories (Warm Communication)
Rufige kru – One more time (Metalheadz)
HLZ – Dub
HLZ – Duel (Warm communications)
Random Movement – I stayed around (Fokuz)
Ivy Lab – Twenty questions (Critical)
HLZ – Dub
Usual suspects – Tribute (Metalheadz)

Source:  SoundCloud  (Ninja Ninja Drum & Bass)


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