Noisia Radio S03E51 [Mix]

Artist:  Noisia ()
Noisia Radio this week: Annix on remix duties for ‘Drawback’ by Phace & Noisia, ‘Creating’ by Current Value, and Chee takes over for 30 minutes with a guest mix to celebrate the release of his Eddy Morphine EP. All this and more things..
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Phace & Noisia – Drawback (Annix Remix) [CRITICAL] Current Value – Creating [INVISIBLE] Dub Elements – Dope [DEM] PA – Constrained Movements [DUB] The Prototypes – Rocket Guns Blazin’ (Crissy Criss + Malux + Erb n Dub Remix) [GETHYPE] Simula – R.A.V.E.R. Ft. Endo [LOW DOWN DEEP] Motiv – Suicide Thing [SUB WOOFAH] Murdock & Doctrine – On A Rampage (Rampage Anthem 2018) [RAMPAGE] Prestige – Watch Ya Clothes [VIPER] Akov – Shak Out [C4C]

Chee Guest Mix
??? x ??? – ??? [DUB] ??? x ??? – ??? [DUB] Chee – Loopers [VANDAL LTD] ??? x ??? – ??? [DUB] Tru Fonix – LO (Chee Remix) [SAUCY] Chee – Team Supreme Vol. 149 (Curated By Tsuruda) [DUB] Chee – Craevin’ [DIVISION] Ivy Lab – Socket [20/20] Chee – Eddy Morphine [DIVISION] /// Tsuruda – Chaos [BANDCAMP] ARKTKT – Uminari [TRENCH] Chee – Medallion [DIVISION] Chee – ??? [DUB] Chee – ??? [DUB] Chee – Swollen [DIVISION] Chee – Consequences [BANDCAMP] Chee – Darker Than Black [SATURATE] Chee – Psychologistics [DIVISION] Chee – Jetson Mumble Rap [SATURATE] Chee – Speak With Eyes & See In Tongues [WTFISCHEE] Chee – Fear Monger [SATURATE]

Diplomat – Minimalist [SOUL LAB] Noizesplitter – Bass Of Course [XENOCRACY]

Source:  SoundCloud  (Noisia Radio)


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