Noisia Radio S04E33 (Special Guests: The Upbeats) [Mix]

Artist:  Noisia ()
Noisia Radio this week: ‘Dzjengis’ our brand new collab with Two Fingers aka Amon Tobin, a track made out of love for 808s, crusty synths, alternate tuning scales and Mezcal & Tonic. We also announce Proxima’s ‘Off Angle’ EP, and an exclusive first play of our collab with The Upbeats for their No Sleep Til project. That’s a lot, enjoy!

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Noisia & Two Fingers – Dzjengis [DIVISION] Proxima – Cascade [INVISIBLE] Phace – Isolated [NEOSIGNAL] Animals In The Room & Zimbu – Heretics [DIVISION] Malux – Turbine (Signal Remix) [DUB] Dutta Ft. TI – One Round [SOUPED UP] Shades – Alarma Ft. Killa P [DEADBEATS] Lavance – Glaucus [COUNTERPOINT] Redpill – Rub A Sub [BLACKOUT] ALEPH – VHS Cereal [RENRAKU] Stoner – Sweet Home [CRITICAL BINARY] Bold Theory – Giant Eggplants [PROTOCODE] Levela – Error [TECHNIQUE] Monuman – Spectre [INSPECTED] Abstract Elements – Myriapoda [INVISIBLE] Gisaza – To The Moon (Diamond Rocks) [LISTENER SUBMISSION]

The Izu Kogen Jamboree Band for background music.
Noisia & The Upbeats – Shibuya Pet Store [NO SLEEP TIL] Gella – Itch & Scratch [BORN ON ROAD] Snake & Wolf – Royal Gala [DUB] Society Of Numbers – Split [DUB] The Izu Kogen Jamboree Band for background music.
Nosaj Thing – Get Like [INNOVATIVE LEISURE]

Source:  SoundCloud  (Noisia Radio)


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