Noisia Radio S04E36 [Mix]

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Hello Person. This week we’re bringing brand new Alix Perez, we play some more new Phace – his album ‘Between’ is out now on Neosignal – and Subp Yao steps up to do a 20 minute Razat tribute mix. Rest in peace.

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Alix Perez – BXL [1985] Urbandawn – White Canvas [HOSPITAL] Annix – Wrong [PLAYAZ] Tsuruda Ft. Alix Perez – Heat Wave [COURTEOUS FAMILY] Spectrasoul – Unitled Horn [ISH CHAT] Phace – 2051 (Feat. Subtension) [NEOSIGNAL] Black Sun Empire & Nymfo – Surge Engine [RAM] DLR – When I’m Trippin’ [DISPATCH] Eprom & ZEKE BEATS – Humanoid 2.0 [DIVISION] Current Value – Sluv [SOUPED UP] Billain & Signal – Black Nazareth [BAD TASTE] Proxima – Wubba Lubba [INVISIBLE] Limited – Heavyweight Sound [BIOLOGICAL BEATS] Forest Drive West – Prism [RUPTURE]

Subp Yao – Razat Tribute Mix
Razat – b:beat
Razat – d:murder
Razat – Fuzz
Razat – Shakes
Razat – d:radio
Razat – Overdrive
Razat – d:pass
Razat & Subp Yao – Shocking Element
Razat – d:beat
Razat – d-philosopher
Razat – d:hum
Razat & Holly – In The Head (Sofro da Cabec’a Mix)
Razat & Holly – Looking Down
Razat & Subp Yao – Limit
Razat -Distortion
Razat & Subp Yao – Rockers
Razat – d:shieeeeeeet
Razat – Vampire
Razat – d:block

Skeptical – Violet [EXIT]

Source:  SoundCloud  (Noisia Radio)


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