Noisia Radio S04E51 (Incl. DotCrawl Guest Mix) [Mix]

Artist:  Noisia ()
Noisia Radio this week: A DotCrawl Partial#6 Mixtape, new Outlines 3 music by Subtension, and a fresh remix by REBRTH for Mefjus’s ‘If I Could’. More new music by The Upbeats, Fludry, Sustance, Redpill, Tekel, and another throwback to an Ed Rush & Optical classic. Slip Thru!

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Subtension – Left To Decay [INVISIBLE] The Upbeats – Overstepper [CRITICAL] Mefjus – If I Could (REBRTH Remix) [VISION] Fludry – Wild Winds [INVASION] Sustance – Fold Back [SHOGUN] Alix Perez & Monty – Caligo [1985] Noulan & Kelayx – Punch Through [CELCIUS] Redpill – Synth Blood [C4C] Forbidden Society – Dirt [FORBIDDEN SOCIETY] T.I – Blocks [NATTY DUB]

DotCrawl Partial#6 Mixtape:

Mesck – Acid Temple
BD HBT – ?
Kronodigger – Parasyte
Høst – Tortured Thru
Elex – Beach
Kije – Morze
no puls – Drama Scene
Sam Binga & Rider Shafique – Pot Ah Bubble (Alter 9 Echo & e3 Remix)
Digital Ethos – Tongues
Signal – Lunala
Arigto – Missing Mask

Dauntless – Reverse Nirvana (Rizzle Remix) [LIFESTYLE] Tekel – Spire [SUBTITLES] Grey Code – Ethics [METALHEADZ] Ed Rush & Optical – Slip Thru [VIRUS]

Source:  SoundCloud  (Noisia Radio)


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