Noisia Radio S06E41 [Mix]


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Artist:  Noisia ()
Noisia Radio this week: We announce the ‘Sun Tracker’ EP by Posij & Former, premiering ‘Blue Flesh’, the full EP will be out this Friday on VISION. More new music by Waeys, Latesleeper, Gyrofield, Thook and many more.. Enjoy!

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Posij & Former – Blue Flesh [VISION] Waeys – Mist [CRITICAL BINARY] Latesleeper – Mosquito [SYFER] BALATRON – HILDR [YUKU] Gyrofield – Search Optimized [MAU5TRAP] HØST – Broken Bones [SINE] Simula – Scarab [NEXSUS] Slik Vik – 40hz [BASSCVLT] Volatile Cycle – Invertebrate [EKOU] Scartip – Renegade GO! [DUB] Finalfix – Tempest [HANZOM] Ghost In The Machine – Nexus 96 [PERC TRAX] L3mmy Dubz – Spoken Word [KORSAKOV] Beterror & Bios Destruction – Faded Away [SINUOUS] Thook – Cold As Fucking Ice [THOOK SOUND] T.I – Impella [BINGO] Para – Detect [LISTENER SUBMISSION] Joe Ford – Into Black [BLACKOUT] [NOISIA RADIO RELOAD] Evolve – Siren [HIERARCHY] Kije – Hidden Voice [PATREON] Mirror Maze – Frustration [VALE] Wylie Cable – Supernumerary (Feat. Call Me) [DOME OF DOOM]

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