Obeisant ‘ApiaKa’ [Track]


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Obeisant ‘ApiaKa’

New Zealand dance music producer Obeisant proves that the genre has its roots stretched throughout drum & basses furthest corners, whilst never watering down the production levels which have developed since its inception. And the producer’s list of influences is just as far fledged, having studied music for over twelve years whilst releasing on some of its underground’s most constructive imprints. They’re about to add to their back catalogue of labels with Ram Records’ sister-label Program, who’s helped pioneer the dark and twisted sounds which are prominent across the global circuit. The four tracks they offer up reignites the excitement which they’re shrouded in, nodding to why the New Year is likely to be the biggest yet in the history of Obeisant’s career.

From the minimal, percussive vibes of ‘ApiaKa’, to his collaboration ‘Evacuation’ with fellow Kiwi Victim, there’s a host of gears which continue to switch up throughout the EP’s entirety. If you’re a relatively new listener of Obeisant, ‘ApiaKa’ is the way to align yourself with his sound, one which moves you through his ingeniously constructed design whilst manifesting an understated yet forceful impact with each relaying pattern of pounding drum-lead undertows. ‘Evacuation’ is just as domineering with its intricate composition, bringing Victim onboard for a track which is sure to reverberate across speakers during the slickest of sets. And Obeisant’s next delivery ‘On Time’ pushes quickly stabbing beat flurries which flick between notes, drawing you into a climatic drop teetering you dangerously close to the edge before exploding on impact. It nods to the flipside of Obeisant’s repertoire and oozes with dancefloor appeal. ‘Hidden Voice’ brings the EP to a close, a track which bounces between each metallic break and adds an unstoppable addition to its track listing.
Obeisant is musically versatile and undeniably heavyweight, with each record highlighting why Program was so keen on adding him to their already groundbreaking roster.

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