Jack Beats – You Should Know (Ft. Donae’o) (Friction Remix)

April 20, 2012  |  TRACK  |  4:29  |  posted by sarcastro
Friction's remix of You Should Know Featuring Donae'o by Jack Beats. Available to buy from the 13th May - Become a fan of Friction: Follow Friction on Twitter:

Infected Mushroom – Making of Drum n Bassa [Production Tutorial/Masterclass]

April 19, 2012  |  TRACK  |  13:49  |  posted by sarcastro
Army of mushrooms - Making of video's

Don Diablo – Silent Shadows (Mind Vortex Remix)

April 19, 2012  |  TRACK  |  4:14  |  posted by sarcastro
Mind Vortex's remix of Silent Shadows by Don Diablo. Check out the official video here: Become a fan of Don Diablo: Follow Don Diablo on Twitter: ...

Freak – Be Me [Track]

April 17, 2012  |  TRACK  |  3:57  |  posted by sarcastro
It's really cool to see this guy improving all the time, every new track beats the previous ones! His newest tune is all about sweet melodies, jazzy vibes and cool effects and yet it has the same relaxing feeling as his previous tunes. Beautiful st...

Woody – Since Then [Track]

April 17, 2012  |  TRACK  |  4:33  |  posted by sarcastro
Yes! Out now on Mrsuicidesheeps label. Support woody by liking his facebook page! Share this on Facebook: Buy it here:

DC Breaks – Era [Track]

April 17, 2012  |  TRACK  |  3:01  |  posted by sarcastro
RAM's Drum & Bass Annual 2016 - watch/listen here! Available to buy now: Taken from the Firez EP released 7th May The epic and apocalyptic opening of 'Era' is up next, a tune that builds and grows wit...

Rameses B – Open Your Eyes ft Rachel Hirons (Out Now!) [Track]

April 16, 2012  |  TRACK  |  3:53  |  posted by sarcastro
Out now on Liquicity Records! RAMESES B - OPEN YOUR EYES / LOST IN ME Buy Itunes: Support Rameses, Share on Facebook: Join Liquicity Records Soundcloud & Beatport!

Emily Underhill – Lost In Me (Rameses B Remix) [Track]

April 16, 2012  |  TRACK  |  5:52  |  posted by sarcastro
Out today on Liquicity's label. Purchase: Rameses B: Emily...

The Skyline Radio documentary [Video]

April 15, 2012  |  37:41  |  posted by sarcastro
This video about the London pirate radio station, Skyline Radio, was originally shot in 1983 using a domestic VHS-C camcorder, and it was edited on a U-Matic editing suite. In 2003 it was digitally re-edited, and cleaned up. It seems amazing that it all took place nearly 30 years ago. You can see the DJs,…

Vikkijoes – Unspoken [Track]

April 15, 2012  |  TRACK  |  4:06  |  posted by sarcastro
Vikkijoes just keeps producing these amazing chilled drum & bass tunes, which can be considered only as a good thing! This definitely is one of my favourite tracks from him, actually I don't have anything bad to say about this. An overall beaut...

Eagle – Spreading Horizons [Track]

April 14, 2012  |  TRACK  |  4:42  |  posted by sarcastro
Had this posted to me by Eagle himself and I found this quite an amazing tune! I haven't uploaded much drum & bass lately, so this brings the genre back on the channel. Well, this one is really uplifting and melodic track, just the way I like m...

Neosignal Podcast Volume 005 [Mix]

April 12, 2012  |  MIX  |  41:52  |  posted by sarcastro
Neosignal (Phace & Misanthrop) presents the Neosignal Podcast Volume 005. Tracklist: _1. Phace + Misanthrop - Progression - Neosignal 010 _2. Alix Perez + Rockwell - Ballbag - Neosignal 009 _3. Dub Phizix - Bateman - SoulR _4. Phace ...

all black jungle fever documentary 1994 [Video]

April 12, 2012  |  28:42  |  posted by sarcastro

Phace – Stresstest [Track]

April 11, 2012  |  TRACK  |  3:00  |  posted by sarcastro
Available to buy from the 23rd April from & After the successful ENERGY EP release end of 2011, Neosignal Recordings is back to release their next conceptual series of two limi...

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