Podcasts & Shows


 Calgary, Canada  |  61 EPISODES
Calgary's biggest drum and bass crew, representing the 403 area code. Founded in 2011 by DJs Proph, Obscene and BigWorm.

Bad Taste Podcast

 London, UK  |  27 EPISODES
Podcast for the dark/neuro Bad Taste Recordings label.

Blackout Podcast

 The Netherlands  |  43 EPISODES
Blackout Music Podcast, from the Dutch label of the same name headed by Black Sun Empire. Each episode spun by a different neurofunk heavyweight. Formerly called BSE Podcast.

CCDNB Podcast

 Canada  |  44 EPISODES
Canadian Content Drum & Bass podcast founded in 2008 by DJ Kapulet. Shows feature 100% Canadian-produced drum and bass.

Celsius Podcast

 The Netherlands  |  23 EPISODES
Podcast by Celsius Recordings, sub-label of Fokuz. Hosted by the one like Nelver.

Critical Podcast

 United Kingdom  |  32 EPISODES
Critical Music podcasts bring you the latest tunes and mixes from Critical artists and special guests. Keep it Critical!

Cyberbnetic Podcast

 Ukraine  |  26 EPISODES
Drum and bass podcasts from the Cybernetic formation, twice a month.


 United Kingdom  |  55 EPISODES

DJ Ransome - In The Mix

 UK  |  190 EPISODES
In The Mix on DNB Radio with DJ Ransome.

DNB Dojo Mix Series

 Scotland, UK  |  42 EPISODES
This mix series comes from DNB Dojo, a blog covering drum & Bass news and reviews, run by Glasgow-based drum & Bass DJ and producer Hex.

DnB Muzik


DnB Portal

 Czech Republic  |  621 EPISODES
DnBPortal.com video sets.

DNB Vault Podcast

Podcast for DnBVault.com

Drum and Bass HQ

 UK  |  237 EPISODES
DBHQ Podcast hosted by J Swif. Artist interviews & mixes.


 Hungary  |  145 EPISODES
Neurofunk podcast by legendary Hungarian neurofunk record label Eatbrain founded by Jade.

faXcooL Mix Series

 Serbia  |  23 EPISODES
Drum & Bass / Reggae Jungle Mix Series

Flexout Audio Podcast

 London, UK  |  14 EPISODES
Recently-started podcast by independent London-based record label Flexout Audio.

Killa Podcast

 Canada  |  159 EPISODES
Podcast running since 2007 by DJ K, newschool Jungle DJ & Producer from Ottawa, Canada known for his unique mixing of danceable Drum & Bass to tearout Ragga anthems.

Kool London with Liondub

 US  |  316 EPISODES
Liondub's jungle/ragga/dancehall podcast.


 The Netherlands  |  179 EPISODES
KushSessions is a 2-hour bi-monthly Liquid Drum & Bass radio show hosted in The Netherlands by DJs Rossum & Crissy. 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month on DI Radio Liquid D&B Channel (di.fm/liquiddnb).

Liquidsoundzuk Podcast

Monthly drum n bass podcasts from Odyssey Collective DJs and guests.

Metalcast - Forbidden Society

 Czech Republic  |  37 EPISODES
Metalcast is a series of podcasts presented by Czech Republic based imprint "Forbidden Society Recordings". Heavy hitting Drum & Bass sounds put together by various friends and allies of the label. Every artist has around 30 minutes to showcase his style and paint a picture of choice which as the name suggests or course should be drenched in dripping hot metal.



Neosignal Recordings Podcast

 Germany  |  19 EPISODES
Neosignal & Neodigital Recordings neuro podcast.

Ninja Ninja Guest Mixes

Guests mixes on Ninja Ninja that come from DJs from all over the world and across the full spectrum of Drum & Bass.

Ninja Ninja Podcast

Here you’ll find all episodes of the monthly Ninja Ninja podcast.

Noisia Radio

 The Netherlands  |  210 EPISODES
Weekly podcast/show by the Dutch Drum n Bass production/DJ trio Noisia, consisting of members Nik Roos, Martijn Van Sonderen and Thijs De Vlieger from Groningen, The Netherlands.

Rampage (Belgium)

 Belgium  |  8 EPISODES
Massive annual dnb/dubstep party in Belgium with ridiculous lighting.

Revolution Radio TV

 Russia  |  44 EPISODES
Revolution Radio TV, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Technique Podcast

Technique Recordings Podcast


 Australia  |  61 EPISODES
Tunacast Podcast, hosted by Australian junglist Oh Q and featuring lots of special guests.

Twisted Audio Podcast

 Australia  |  22 EPISODES
Twisted Audio Podcast, from Australia.

UKF Podcast

 UK  |  117 EPISODES
UKF Music Podcast