A R Records

      United Kingdom   |   @arrecords_uk

    In October 2015, A R opened its doors to the public as part of Tremor Soundsystem’s 4th birthday celebrations at the Old Coroners Court in Bristol.

    The label, founded and managed by Bristol based artist Exposure, will release music across the entire Drum and Bass spectrum on both vinyl and digital formats.

    As well a platform for Exposure’s music, the label also boasts well established names (announcing soon) and a whole host of up and coming talented producers like Phaction, Ill Truth and Stitch.

    Bristol has always been at the forefront of the global music scene and A R looks set to fit right in, with early productions from label boss Exposure creating quite a stir amongst some of the scene’s biggest DJs. A busy release schedule is lined up for 2016, with national and international tours already in the works.

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