Full Force Recordings


    One of the most successful and varied underground drum & bass labels is celebrating its amazing first 10 years. Full Force, set up in Luxembourg in 2004, has astounded and impressed supporters and listeners alike since its very first release.
    The label is both looking back and forward, to celebrate what has gone, and what is to come. As a way of commemorating what Full Force has been and continues to be about, we’re taking the opportunity to take you inside the label, and along the way we’ll be hearing from some of our most loyal and impressive artists and producers.
    Full Force has always been about identity, and has always had a strong concept and direction. Since its conception, the label has been developing new sounds in the worlds of neurofunk and tech-based drum & bass. The label has prided itself on innovating, and assisting artists in establishing themselves and adding their personal touch to the label’s ideas. Full Force has always pushed itself, its sounds and its artists forward.
    Amongst its artists, international superstars such as Cause4Concern, Optiv, Phace and Misanthrop rub shoulders with those making huge moves in the scene like State Of Mind, Rregula, Chook and Mayhem. This mix of artists has led not only to success, but also to a culture of driving the music into the future and bringing it to new audiences. Other artists on the label include the mighty Dabs, the amazing Bazil, and the deep, dark sounds of Disphonia.
    The label has accomplished a great deal in its first decade. From humble origins in Luxembourg back in 2004, the label has always stayed true to its philosophy through the years, growing and developing to become a force, and a favourite label in drum & bass. Support has come from across the scene, with the label’s releases finding favour far and wide.
    Now, Full Force continues to evolve, marking out its territory and developing its style and concept, in preparation for more releases, the 10th anniversary, and the future. Since its inception, the label has been noted and noticed for its quality. The label has always ensured that it attracts and recruits only the finest the underground has to offer, and then all releases are quality-controlled at every stage through to release. It offers a diverse range of sounds, encompassing the future-focused beats of Mayhem, Phace, State Of Mind and Chook, through to the deep, dark, challenging sounds of N.Fect and N-Phonix. Full Force has always catered for lovers of new music, providing music which would not have seen the light otherwise, but deserves to be heard and to have exposure.

    Full Force is distributed by Triple Vision.

    Full Force artists roster include:
    Chook, Mayhem & Logam, Phace, Misanthrop, Cause4Concern, Optiv, State of Mind, Skynet, Subtone, Dose, Dabs, Dementia & Rregula, Disphonia…..

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