MindSaw Recordings

    New York

    MindSaw Recordings – An Independent Drum & Bass Recording Label.

    From the depths of the deepest underground in New York City rises a soul-shattering Drum and Bass Recording label called Mindsaw Recordings, Inc. which was founded in 2006 by it’s evil creator Dominick Sardina p/k/a FLUIDNYC, who’s also known as the former co-owner of the infamous “House of Flava Recordings Studios” in Staten Island, NY. Armed with a huge arsenal of stomping hard-edge drums and shocking splatter basslines constructed by a dark artillery of the newest and hardest up and coming DnB Producers from around the world, the ultimate destruction of every floor is absolutely guaranteed. Look out for this label which is activated to rampage to the fullest as it is catching everyone’s attention these days. Prepare to meet your doom!

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