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    Proximity Recordings was established in 2010 as a platform for a group of like-minded friends to be launched into the world of Drum & Bass music. Two months down the line, with a P&D deal secured with Nu Urban Music and a wealth of versatile tunes at the ready, label boss Basher signed artists Xtrah, Stealth & Stylus, Frankee, Kit, and Motion onto the books.

    A wave of diverse releases was to follow, and, after gaining early chart success on Beatport and iTunes, Proximity catapulted into the scene. Ultimately, more artists were to join the Proximity roster, and by summer 2010 the label had acquired quality tracks from the likes of Bazil, InsideInfo, Eddy Woo, NC-17, and Future Signal.

    2011 saw the Proximity camp drop their first compilation LP, titled ‘Close Proximity’, which featured tracks from Dexcell, D Code, The Funktion, Para, Bladerunner, Semantic, and Subterra (plus many more). As the music came flooding in so did the producers and Proximity began to expand its operations, looking internationally; reaching artists such as Bredren, M-zine & Scepticz, and Mtwn. However, not forgetting their UK roots, Proximity also recruited fresh home-grown talents such as Axon, Outer Heaven and Gerra & Stone to join the family.

    The following year saw the label expand its roster yet again by sourcing material for release from the likes of Raiden, Meth, Anile, Fade, Detail, L33, and Lestr. By the end of 2012 the Proximity imprint had become a regular face on various international radio playlists, including BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 1Xtra & Kiss 100.

    Proximity then entered a new phase in its legacy; the closure of Nu Urban Music in 2013 opened new doors for the label as old ones closed resulting in a forged partnership with Cygnus Music. This promising year also saw a continuation of new signings, with music from Freeze, Glyph, Hyroglifics, Tephra & Arkoze, Release, Memro, Kolectiv, and Interline. From here on in, a swam of support from across the scene made its way through Proximity HQ, and features and interviews began surfacing more frequently in DJ Mag, Mixmag, K Mag, and Drum & Bass Arena

    By 2014, Proximity Recordings was cemented as an independent label whose door was open to any act as long as the music did the talking. With this ethos in mind, both new and recognized names (AMC, Incognito, DBR UK, Kyrist, and Tom Small, to name a few) joined the force. With an impressive back catalogue of 46 Singles, 33 EP’s and 9 LP’s (including their Proximity Classics & Proximity Effect series) the great minds behind the London based label took the decision to release their debut artist album from Bredren, titled ‘Trinity LP’, which was released both on digital and physical CD formats, a first for the label, truly marking a milestone in its history.

    With an ever present thirst for fresh music, 2015 was another fresh year to bring through some fresh blood. Artists from all corners of the Drum & Bass scene came knocking on Proximity’s door, and once again the label delivered the goods to its following by securing killer tracks from Quaed, Jam Thieves, Young:G, M-Soul & S27, C-Side, Goodfield and ALIBI.

    The dawn of 2016 heralds the continuous growth and success of Proximity, with infamous Proximity Recordings club nights in the UK and abroad, a new and exciting website project, a merchandise range, and of course more genre defining music!

    All releases are available to purchase from the Proximity store.

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