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    .shadybrain was founded in 2004 by Christian Hillemeyer and Marc A. Steiling, based on a former booking- and event-agency. It is based in Berlin, Germany, and has been the first Drum and Bass label to offer MP3s on a pay per download level. Shortly after Apple’s Itunes and before Beatport, .shadybrain established a MP3 shop at, offering exclusive music by emerging as well as established artists. Some of the bigger artists who have produced music for the label are Optiv / Cause 4 Concern, Phace, Misanthrop, N.Phect, Axiom, Rregula, Dementia, Cern, Duo Infernale to name just a few. .shadybrain steadily grew along with the digital market and sold numerous tunes through the years. Since late 2006, .shadybrain is also releasing vinyl which is distributed worldwide through Triple Vision and ST Holdings.


    In 2009, the whole project was relaunched. Following a way of progression, .shadybrain now also releases music from a wide range of different independent music subcultures as Techno, Indie, Electronica, Dubstep, Experimental, etc. The idea is to deliver a message of trust, to both, artists and users. Artists receive 50% of all income while users are offered free full streams as well as very reasonable prices for DRM free high quality MP3s.

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