Stride Recordings

      Toronto, Canada   |   @StrideDnB

    The label was founded in 2009 by Toronto-based DJ Kapulet after receiving countless submissions for his highly acclaimed CCDNB podcast.

    After coming across dozens of amazing unsigned dubs and wondering how they could just slip under the radar, Kap decided to take matters into his own hands and get some of this great undiscovered music out and available to the general publc.

While Stride is based out of the city that many consider to be the epicenter of Canadian drum’n’bass, the label pays attention to detail in regards to what is happening throughout the entire country of Canada.

    The first 4 signees — Vice LaVice, Schematic, Override and Spinlock — hail from Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver respectively. Upon building a solid buzz locally with a string of solid, well-received releases from its flagship artists, Stride landed a distribution deal that brought its releases to mediums such as iTunes and Beatport and increased its sales dramatically.

    Now defunct; no releases since 2012, domain name expired, etc.

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