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    Subculture Music is an Italy based drum&bass / dubstep / electro label with the clear intent of promoting new talent, and pushing the European scene forward on the international circuit. Maztek set up Subculture with fellow pioneers Kalu and MC Shot in 2005 as a drum’n’bass collective which was about to joining up various crews from different parts of Italy. After a while due some trouble getting signed on international labels, the idea of a label where release their own music and style rise on, we are in 2006 and the first Ep was set up! Since that time Subculture released a lot of massive smash floor tracks from big producers like Optive, Foreign Beggars, N.Phect, L 33, Atomik Tags and always looks around to find out nu producers with great potential, original ideas and something to say like Adeh, Future Roots, Hanzo&Randie. Beside the label project, Maztek continued his unstoppable path that led him to glory in recent years: from first releases on Subculture, Modulate Recordings and Basswerk he is now one of the biggest producers in the scene regularly signed on major drum&bass labels like Renegade Hardware, Hospital, Dutty Audio, Commercial Suicide, Program, Eatbrain and many others. Despite all this and continuous gigs all around the world Maztek keep on focus on Subculture Music like first days and now supported by Spiko on label managing he’s resolute to take this project forward and improve the label catalogue.
    You can find out Subculture Music digital and vinyl releases on Beatport, iTunes, Junodownload, Triple Vision, Redeye, Chemical Records, Discogs and in all the best online shops.

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