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    Sublabels: TAMLeft, Tamp3cords, TAMRight

    TAMRECORDS – the new school of hi-tech drum&bass

    We performed all the efforts and continue to fulfill the task set before the label – to be a major tool for promoting Russian drum n bass in the country and internationally, to support local artists and help them to communicate their music to a wide range of people & develop a taste unsophisticated listener, presenting him only qualitative material.
    TAMRECORDS started in 2001. The founders of the label were Bes, Step, Dissident, Ruffen.

    The label specialized in production of a CD with the most current and high-quality Russian drum n bass music.

    Over 7 years of work on account of the label 40 releases, 2 “BEST LABEL” awards, “BEST RELEASE & BEST ALBUM” by DRUMANDBASS.RU AWARDS.
    90% of all known names of Russian scene had releases on TAMRECORDS.

    In the list of people who moved dnb stage with us: Paul B, Subwave, Sunchase, Electrosoul System, Proket, Implex, Enei, Flame, Dj Dan, Zemine, RESTArt, Dad D, SOI, PCP, Nothing, Protech, Bad MF , Bios, Vortex Involute, Paralyzah, Jebar, Salamandra, Sky, Selector, Paperclip, Oak & Exr, Engage, Kubrak, Receptor, Error, CA2.K. and others

    Also TAM released such drum n bass stars like Noisia, Black Sun Empire, Mayhem, ICBM, Arqer, Pyro, Cooh, Kid Kryptic, Stare & Phibbs, etc.

    TAMRECORDS releases have always been forward thinking of the Russian product of this trend.
    Quality music, graphics and other components always put our CD in the first place the different TOP-ratings.

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