Resound & Obeisant – ‘Sahara’ [Track]


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Resound & Obeisant
Sahara / Walk Away

Resound & Obeisant join forces for the next part of Program’s schedule, presented through double sided single ‘Sahara’ and its b-side ‘Walk Away’. Since the 90s, Finnish based producer Resound has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in drum & bass production, which seriously proves its worth as part of his collaborative project alongside New Zealand producer Obeisant.
The riff-slinging breakdowns of ‘Sahara’ pay respects to the genre’s 90s roots; changing the gear, ‘Walk Away’ delves into a different set of waveforms, this time providing a more tech-laced, switchy patterning that bases itself around the scene’s contemporary sounds. So once again, it’s time to get with the program. Together with Resound & Obeisant, it’ll take you through the many flavours that drum & bass has to offer. 

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