Salaryman – ‘I Don’t Want To Be In Love’ [Track]


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‘Glow EP’
Released 21st September

Following the success of his ‘Piece of Cake’ EP on Program earlier this year, Salaryman returns to the pioneering underground imprint for yet another 2018 release. The producer’s work rate is enviable and he manages to capitalise on this platform to present another collection of music for his ever-growing audience. The ‘Glow EP’ resonates with the same technical appeal as its predecessor, whilst it also exercises the same heartfelt harmonies and expertly created melodies which are becoming a signature for Salaryman.

The five brand new tracks from Salaryman are yet another look into how Program and the producer have grown together during his journey as a producer. ‘Don’t Want To Be In Love’ has an intro peppered with orchestral instrumentals, the type which stream through the mix and lead into an emotive breakdown. ‘The World On A String’ builds gradually and you’re made aware of its shaking, vocal samples through each peaking segment. ‘Nocturnal Stories VIP’ takes an already well-loved original and gives it a new face, whilst ‘Heart Games’ has a jazzier undertone with its patches of percussion. Then finally, title-track ‘Glow’ is more grating, although the track’s ghost-like vocals sift through the mix and give it a softer hue.

So once again, it’s time to get with the Program – one which has helped build many artists like Salaryman, right from their first release.

Source:  YouTube  (RAM Records)


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