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UKF Podcast #97 – Low Steppa [Mix]

May 23, 2017  |  MIX  |  1:12:19  |  posted by sarcastro
Low Steppa joins us for a UKF Podcast ahead of his appearance on our stage at We Are FSTVL alongside Wilkinson, Dimension and many more. Full lineup: Tickets:

UKF Podcast #96 – DC Breaks [Mix]

April 27, 2017  |  MIX  |  1:00:08  |  posted by sarcastro
Fresh off their Different Breed LP, DC Breaks return to the UKF Podcast with an hour of nothing but high energy drum & bass, featuring tracks from the likes of Mind Vortex, Original Sin and Loadstar alongside fresh cuts from the LP...

UKF Podcast #95 – FineArt [Mix]

April 21, 2017  |  MIX  |  40:47  |  posted by sarcastro
FineArt joins us for a special instalment of the UKF Podcast, celebrating the successful launch of his & My Nu Leng's brand new Maraki Records imprint with a mix of some of the finest bassline around, featuring tracks from Taiki Nulight, Bushba...

UKF Podcast #94 – Jaguar Skills [Mix]

April 3, 2017  |  MIX  |  44:25  |  posted by sarcastro
Jaguar Skills chops & blends his way through the 94th instalment of the UKF Podcast, featuring tracks from Pegboard Nerds, Turno, The Prototypes, Dillinja and many more!

UKF Podcast #93 – InsideInfo [Mix]

March 27, 2017  |  MIX  |  59:48  |  posted by sarcastro
InsideInfo joins us for the 93th instalment of the UKF Podcast with an explosive mix full of cuts from his forthcoming album, alongside a fresh selection of dubplates & anthems from people like Mefjus, Dimension and Enei alongside a whole heap ...

UKF Podcast #92 – Changing Faces [Mix]

January 8, 2017  |  MIX  |  59:59  |  posted by sarcastro

Show Tracklist

Changing Faces - In The Woods (Radio Edit)
LSB - It Finds You (ft. Tokyo Prose)
Commix x Icicle - Ultra Clean
Amy Steele - Bury You Deep (Technimatic Remix)
Changing Faces x Malaky - (ID)
Changing Faces - Direction
Phaction x GLXY - These Words
Skeptical - Catch 22
Pola & Bryson - Cinematic Fireball
Etherwood - Spoken
Tom Small - (ID)
In:most - (ID)
Netsky - Memory Lane
>>> Underworld - Scribble (Netsky Remix)
Villem - Fuse
Artifical Intelligence - Dreams Of Freedom
>>> LSB - Sketch For My Sweetheart
Changing Faces x In:most - (ID)
Alix Perez - Drifting
Culture Shock - Have It All (ft. Raphaella)
Moko - Your Love (Culture Shock Remix)
Delta Heavy - White Flag VIP
Whiney - Komodo
Dimension - Digital World (ft. Cyantific)
Technimatic - Clockwise
Changing Faces - Dusk
Alibi - Fire (ft. Charli Brix)
Wilkinson - Tonight
Dimension - Love To Me
Tantrum Desire - Tesoro
Document One - Run The Block
Dimension - Pull Me Under (ft. Raphaella)
Document One - Say What
Wilkinson - Sweet Lies (ft. Karen Harding)
Changing Faces x Macca - Deep Inside
Netsky - Porcelain
Nexus & Tight - Prism
Technimatic - Night Vision
Netsky - Everyday
>>> Oliver Heldens - Gecko (Matrix & Futurebound Remix)
(ID) - (ID)
Changing Faces x The Prophecy - Gale (ft. Charli Brix)
The Prophecy - (ID)

Starting 2017 right with an hour long podcast from Changing Faces, fresh off the release of her latest single 'In The Woods' on Pilot.

UKF Podcast #90 – GLXY [Mix]

December 13, 2016  |  MIX  |  59:52  |  posted by sarcastro
We've invited GLXY to host a UKF Podcast to celebrate their exclusive on UKF Drum & Bass 2016. Expect an hour of silky smooth liquid from the likes of Alix Perez, LSB, Technimatic, Changing Faces and ofcourse GLXY themselves...

UKF Podcast #89 – Cause & Affect [Mix]

November 9, 2016  |  MIX  |  56:47  |  posted by sarcastro
Cause & Affect takes us on an hour long journey through house music in the 89th instalment of the UKF Podcast!

UKF Podcast #88 – Feint [Mix]

November 3, 2016  |  MIX  |  45:37  |  posted by sarcastro

Show Tracklist

Feint - Words (ft. Laura Brehm)
Fred V & Grafix - One Of These Days
Hamilton - You Had It
Wilkinson - Afterglow
Danny Byrd - B.R.I.S.T.O.L
Tali - Forces (Trei Remix)
MaxNRG - Arkan
Logistics - 2999 (Whever You Go)
Koven - Make It There (Habstrakt Remix)
Major Lazer - Get Free (Andy C Remix)
Sub Focus - Endorphins (Sub Focus vs Fred V & Grafix Remix)
Feint - Take It In (ft. Koven)
Fred V & Grafix - Major Happy
Metrik & Netsky - Can’t Speak (ft. Stealth)
Michael Seary x Luke Cusato - Can’t Say It Back (Feint Remix)
Cyantific - Colour In The Shadows (ft. Benji)
Feint - We Won’t Be Alone (ft. Laura Brehm)
Pegboard Nerds - Badboi (Feint Bootleg)
Cyantific - No More Heroes
Dabin x Apashe x Kai Wachi - Forsaken
Memtrix - Mind Control
Mob Tactics - Jabberwocky
Fourward - Exile
The Prodigy - Nasty (Spor Remix)
TC - Tap Ho
NCT x Franky Nuts - Looking Forward
Feint - Promises
Pendulum - Witchcraft (Netsky Remix)
Priority One x TwoThirds - City Needs Sleep (Champion Remix)
Cartoon - Whatever I Do
Moleman - Beacon
London Elektricity - Just One Second (Apex Remix)
Netsky - Without You (Submatik Bootleg)
Sunchase - Remember Me (ft. Yana Kay)
Alain Bertoni - 7th Sign (Subclash Remix)
Madeon - Icarus (Fred V & Grafix Remix)
DJ Fresh - Talkbox (Camo & Krooked Remix)
Netsky - Love Has Gone
Pendulum - The Fountain (ft. Steve Wilson)
Danny Byrd - Get On It (ft. Brookes Brothers)
Rollz - Burn Up
Dimension - All I Need
Danny Byrd - Ill Behaviour (VIP)
DJ Fresh - Hypercaine
Feint - Untitled
Trei & Thomas Oliver - Change Your Mind
Deadmau5 - Strobe (Dimension Remix)
Culture Shock - I Remember
Camo & Krooked - Watch It Burn (ft. Ayah Marar)
The Prodigy - Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)
Sub Focus - Out The Blue
Le Castle Vania - Disintegration (Memtrix Remix)
Rene LaVice - Where My Ladies At
Feint - Homebound
Feint - Horizons (ft. Veela)
Example - All The Wrong Places (Calyx & TeeBee Remix)
Memtrix - All You Are
Dimension - Children (Rollz Remix)
ShockOne - Relapse (Tantrum Desire Remix)
SkiSM - Experts (The Prototypes Remix)
Pendulum - Slam
Rise At Night - The Monumental (Mediks Remix)
Feint - Vagrant (ft. Veela)
Muzzy - Children Of Hell
Flite - Blue Spark (VIP)
Dan Dakota - Try Not To Worry
Feint - Laurence (VIP)
Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Daylight
The Prototypes - Pale Blue Dot
I Blame Coco - In Spirit Golden (DC Breaks Remix)
Demo & Cease - Ladies Night (Drumsound & Bassline Smith VIP)
Smooth - The Black Hole
Sigma - Rudeboy (ft. Dcotor)
T & Sugah x Zazu - Lost On My Own
Subwave & The Dual Personality - Full Control
Wilkinson - Heartbeat (Calyx & TeeBee Remix)
Fourward - Sequencer
Dimension - Dark Lights
Valentino Kahn - Deep Down Low (Delta Heavy Remix)
Black Sun Empire - Dawn Of A Dark Day (Receptor Remix)
Danny Byrd - Make It Weighty
June Miller & Teddy Killerz - Outer Space
Dimension - Synth City
Feint - Fall Away
Pendulum - Hold Your Colour
Neonlight - Power Hour
Chase & Status - Fire In Your Eyes
Cosmic - Ragga
Sway - Charge (TC Remix)
North Base & Cynematic - Polarity (ft. Mitch Dowd)
John B - The Journey (Metrik Remix)
Zhu - Faded (Delta Heavy Remix)
Champion - Keep On Running (ft. Jumae)
Brookes Brothers - Loveline (ft. HazMat)
Feint - Face Down
Xilent - Free Me (ft. Charlotte Haining) (Smooth Remix)
Brookes Brothers - Anthem (ft. Camille)
Ketonen - Afternoon Tune (Maxin & Pulsate Remix)
NCT - Golden Hour (ft. Deuce & Charger)

Feint delivering a high energy UKF Podcast, featuring tracks from the likes of Pendulum, Sub Focus, Fred V & Grafix, Spor, Netsky and MANY more.

UKF Podcast #87 – Apashe

October 5, 2016  |  MIX  |  1:00:00  |  posted by sarcastro
We invited Apashe to tear up the UKF Podcast with an explosive hour long multi-genre mix, including tracks from GTA, Black Tiger Sex Machine, EH!DE and Apashe himself amongst many others.

UKF Podcast #86 – Technimatic

September 20, 2016  |  MIX  |  59:57  |  posted by sarcastro
Fresh off the back of their Better Perspectives LP, Technimatic are back on the UKF Podcast with another hour of nothing but the finest in Liquid, featuring tracks from themselves, Hugh Hardie, Metrik, LSB and more! Tracklist included.

UKF Podcast #85 – Dodge & Fuski

September 10, 2016  |  MIX  |  57:51  |  posted by sarcastro

UKF Podcast #84 – Skankandbass

September 2, 2016  |  MIX  |  1:05:30  |  posted by sarcastro

UKF Podcast #83 – Pola & Bryson

July 21, 2016  |  MIX  |  1:01:48  |  posted by sarcastro

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