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Grinda & ZigZag – Have A Morning feat. Stunna [Track]

May 28, 2011  |  TRACK  |  6:30  |  posted by sarcastro
This is one of the tracks that originally got me into Drum & Bass and still is one of my favorites. It is already quite old but it needs a lot more recognition. I apologize to the people who already know this but I am sure a lot of you do not s...

Rawtekk – Snowflakes [Track]

February 23, 2011  |  TRACK  |  4:56  |  posted by sarcastro
One of the most beautiful tracks in existence. I do not know how to describe the feelings that course through my body when I listen to this. I hope you like the video I made to it. All the footage is taken from the anime 5 Centimeters Per Second. ...

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