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Flite – Blue Spark (Kubix Remix) [Track]

March 19, 2016  |  TRACK  |  4:32  |  posted by sarcastro
A beautifully crafted remix by Kubix. Free download: http://mediafire.com/download/4mg3yyxd66u4mq3/Blue+Spark+%28Kubix+Remix%29.wav Kubix: http://soundcloud.com/kubix1255 http://facebook.com/kubixdnb http://twitter.com/kubixdnb http://youtube.com...

Chase & Status – Blk & Blu (Ft. Ed Thomas) (Calibre Remix)

February 9, 2014  |  TRACK  |  6:06  |  posted by sarcastro
Calibre's remix of Chase & Status - Blk & Blue featuring Ed Thomas. Available to buy as part of the single package, out 16th March. Calibre Like → https://www.facebook.com/signaturerecordings Chase & Status Like → https://www.facebook.c...

Matrix & Futurebound – Magnetic Eyes (feat. Baby Blue) [Track]

October 9, 2012  |  TRACK  |  3:33  |  posted by sarcastro
Pre-order now! http://bit.ly/MagneticEyes Amazing background created by JoeJesus: http://joejesus.deviantart.com/ (Added on 21/11/13) Become a fan on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/matrixandfuturebound http://www.facebook.com/babyblueonline h...

Blu Mar Ten – Blue Skies (Unquote Remix) [Track]

July 5, 2012  |  TRACK  |  3:20  |  posted by sarcastro
What an absolutely mesmerising track. Chris from Blu Mar Ten put the video together. Hope you guys enjoy it :P This will be released digitally and on vinyl Monday the 9th. You can pre-order it here. http://www.surus.co.uk/Blu-Mar-Ten/Lo... Unquot...

Melo – Too Many Times [Track]

November 28, 2011  |  TRACK  |  5:05  |  posted by sarcastro
This is my labels 4th release. Would appreciate it a lot of if you could purchase it to support Melo and myself. http://www.beatport.com/release/with-... http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/with... http://www.junodownload.com/products/... http://www.t...

Seismix & Cahb – Space [Track]

June 13, 2011  |  TRACK  |  5:31  |  posted by sarcastro
Hahaha those past 24 hours were so random. Pretty entertaining :P Anyways I am in love with this track. I rarely hear liquid tracks that are so deep and have such an impact on me. Out now on on Drum and Bass Arena's Summer Selection. Purchase it h...

Brookes Brothers – Daybreak feat. Tasha Baxter [Track]

June 5, 2011  |  TRACK  |  4:13  |  posted by sarcastro
Oh my God, this touches my soul. For me this is the best track on the new Brookes Brothers album. Buy it here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/bro... http://www.junodownload.com/products/... Brookes Brothers: http://www.facebook.com/brookesbrot...

Blue Motion & Grimm – Burning For You [Track]

October 24, 2010  |  TRACK  |  5:30  |  posted by sarcastro
Have been meaning to upload this for quite a while now. This is as soulful as it can get. Getting released in 5 days on Blu Saphir Records. Pre-order: http://www.digital-tunes.net/releases... http://soundcloud.com/bluemotion http://myspace.com/bl...

Clarity – Omni Blue (Modu Remix) [Track]

August 9, 2010  |  TRACK  |  5:39  |  posted by sarcastro
Such a lovely lovely tune. Can't get enough of it. Make sure to check out the original as well. This tune is being released on 12th August along with other tracks on the Clear Future EP. Clarity: http://soundcloud.com/claritymusik Modu: http://mo...

Puzzle – Drifting off [Track]

March 19, 2010  |  TRACK  |  5:28  |  posted by sarcastro
Close your eyes and just relax. http://youtube.com/user/PuzzleDNB

Sigurt – Colourful (Indivision feat. Jett remix) [Track]

March 9, 2010  |  TRACK  |  6:27  |  posted by sarcastro
SHOP EU: http://liquicity.spreadshirt.nl SHOP US: coming soon http://youtube.com/dnbINDIVISIONdnb http://tiny.cc/uW1jk - FREE TUNE http://tiny.cc/q1lcT - mirror

PART 2. Bachelors of Science: Warehouse Dayz [Track]

February 16, 2010  |  TRACK  |  6:33  |  posted by sarcastro
http://bachelorsofscience.com http://horizonsmusic.co.uk/shop/product_info.php?products_id=1028

PART 1. Liquicity Special: Bachelors of Science Album [Track]

February 16, 2010  |  TRACK  |  8:46  |  posted by sarcastro
http://bachelorsofscience.com http://youtube.com/user/bachelorsofscience http://horizonsmusic.co.uk/shop/product_info.php?products_id=1028

Indivision – Final Departure [Track]

January 28, 2010  |  TRACK  |  6:27  |  posted by sarcastro
http://youtube.com/user/dnbINDIVISIONdnb http://upload.ee/files/369637/Indivision_-_Final_Departure__FREE_TUNE___AIM_upzvupz_or_qbrickdnb.mp3.html

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