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CCDNB 021 On Point Recordings Showcase Mix Featuring Everfresh and Lucky General

April 8, 2010  |  MIX  |  57:46  |  posted by sarcastro

Show Tracklist

Johhny Osbourne - No Ice Cream Sound (everfresh special)(On Point dub)
Division One - Sound Bizness (On Point - op001)
Mega-Ton Project - Cold (On Point - op002)
Mega-Ton Project - Bad Man (On Point - op001)
Catchin' Wreck - Vibrations (On Point - op003)
Everfresh - I like it (On Point - op003)
Mega-Ton Project - Hold On (On Point - op004)
Odyssey - Champagne (On Point - op006)
Odyssey - Recognize (On Point - op005)
Odyssey - Nasty (On Point - op005)
Odyssey - Funk Odyssey (On Point - op006)
Visionary - Global Emergency (On Point - op007)
Visionary ft. Peter Ranking - In The Dancehall (On Point - op007)
Visionary - Dead Man Walking (On Point - op008)
Visionary ft. camp souljah - Run For Your Life (On Point - op008)
Visionary - Whip Them (On Point - op010)
Visionary ft. Spikey T - Whip Them Soundboy (On Point - op009)
Isaac Maya ft. Bandulu Dub - Another Meditation (On Point - op009)
Visionary ft. Camp Souljah - Run For Your Life VIP(On Point - op010)
Visionary - Bad Man VIP (Aries Quick Remix) (On Point dub)
Rub-A-Dub Soldiers - No Gun (Smokers001)
Visionary - Cool & Deadly (On Point dub)
Stalefish - Be Careful (smokers001)
Visionary - Bad Man VIP (Serum Big On The Streets Remix) (On Point dub)
Kandiman - Original On Point Sound (Everfresh Special) (On Point dub)

In our second installment of the Canadian label showcase mixes, On Point Recordings label boss and veteran DJ Everfresh lays down a tidy mix of his imprints catalog in chronological order alongside MC Lucky General. BIG! www.onpointmusic.ca

CCDNB 019 The Jump Up and Ragga Jungle Special 3 with SixteenArmedJack

March 6, 2010  |  MIX  |  1:20:29  |  posted by sarcastro

Show Tracklist

MC Lucky General - Freestyle
>Stickbubbly - Good Good Lovin
Locked and Erbalist - Hunt and Seek VIP (Babylon Recordings)
Vast - My Flow (Concept Recordings)
Top Cat - Over U Body (Marcus Visionary Remix)(Streetlife)
General Dis Array - Goin Back (Dub)
Johnny Dangerously - Pocket Neh Fi Empty (Dub)
Collie Buddz - Come Around (Dj Ramza Remix)(Dub)
Shy Fx and UK Apache - Original nuttah (Krinjah Remix) (Bootleg)
Debaser Feat. Demolition Man- Fire (Foundation mix) (Dubplate)
Prisoners Of Technology - Trick of Tek (Sixteenarmedjack Remix)(Bootleg)
Sixteenarmedjack - Thunda Dub (Dub)
Sixteenarmedjack - Real People feat. Sizzla (Bootleg)
Rhygin - Kingz (Dub)
KGB Kid - Bad Bwoy Dubplate (Celestial Conspiracy)
StickBubbly - Destroy (Dub)
Dub Trauma - Ready To Light (Dub)
Top Cat - Smoke the Sensi (Marcus Visionary Remix)(Streetlife)
Filtersweeper - Dubjah Dub (Stride Recordings)
Dj Ramza - Good Times Roll (dub)
The Prodigy - Out of Space (SixteenArmedJack Remix)(Bootleg)
MC Lucky General - Freestyle

You asked for it! Here it is. The 3rd installment of our jump up and ragga jungle special! featuring our most requested guest, Canada's Jungle remix master, SixteenArmedJack!

CCDNB 018 V-Day Mix

February 15, 2010  |  MIX  |  53:19  |  posted by sarcastro

Show Tracklist

Override feat Melina - If Im On Your Mind (Stride Recordings)
Lisa Shaw - Cherry (Schematic DnB Remix) (Stride Bootleg)
Mario Winans - Just Want 2 (Brizzy DnB Remix) (Bootleg)
??? - So Hot (Schematic DnB Remix) (Stride Bootleg)
Tamia - So into U (Pacific and Dabbler DnB Remix) (Bootleg)
Peyo & Grimm - One For Me (Nusense One For The Road Remix)(Dub)
Mutt - Feelings For You (Inside Recordings)
Rhianna - Run This Town (Locked and Erbalist DnB Remix) (Bootleg)
D-Region Feat Jenna G - Gentleman (DIA Recordings)
Keisha Chante - Bad Boy (R Cola DnB Remix)(JungleXpeditions)
3 Days Grace - Wake Up (Justin Todd DnB Remix)
Ben Sage - All About You VIP (Gain Recordings)
Vice Feat. Sean Goes Pop! - Apart (Stride Recordings Dub)
Dawn Penn - No, No, No (Benny Page & Visionary Remix)(Digital Soundboy)
Mutt & Visionary - Go On & Cry (Inside Recordings)
Override feat Melina - Without You (In Da Jungle Recordings)
Hope - Who am i to say (Krinjah VIP) (???)
Mutt & Visionary feat. Kevin King - Things have changed (Soundtrax)
Mutt Feat. Kevin King - Conversations (Deep Cut)

An all Vocal mix that tells a love story.

CCDNB 014 Producer Showcase mix featuring Catacomb

November 10, 2009  |  MIX  |  42:13  |  posted by sarcastro

Show Tracklist

Catacomb - Rise From Ruin (Cyanide)
Catacomb - Euro Balls (Disturbed)
Catacomb - Immortal (Spun)
Catacomb - Strange Planet (Shadybrain)
Catacomb - The Zodiac (Syndrome)
Catacomb - Rootvein (Cyanide)
Catacomb - Bloodmuscle (Smptm)
Catacomb - Between The Bars (Syndrome)
Catacomb - Gut Wrench (Prspct)
Catacomb - Arms In Reach (Citrus)
Catacomb - Filthy Fu*king Faces VIP (Prospect)
Catacomb - Desert Storm (Cyanide)
Catacomb - Foul Matter (Syndrome)
Catacomb - Deadlights (Prspct)
Catacomb - Trashmouth (Prspct)
Catacomb - Farewell (Syndrome)

Back for the fourth installment of the producer showcase mix series Kapulet Features a selection from the dark gritty tombs of the one they call Catacomb. Making his mark internationally with dark anger driven drum and bass this producers intricate...

CCDNB 012 Prodcucer showcase mix featuring GREMLINZ

September 29, 2009  |  MIX  |  55:03  |  posted by sarcastro

Show Tracklist

Gremlinz and Stranjah - De Sollel (Dub)
Gremlinz and Loxy - The Grouch (Dub)
Gremlinz and Stranjah - Ruins VIP (Vampire)
Gremlinz - Her (Vampire)
Gremlinz and Loxy - Silver Steez (Cylon)
Gremlinz and Stranjah - Voices (Xtinction Agenda)
Gremlinz - Kilo VIP (Renegade Hardware)
Gremlinz - Sometimes I Get Depressed (Outsider)
Gremlinz - Weird (Dub)
Gremlinz - Klash VIP (Dub)
Atlanic Connection - Soul Musiq (Gremlinz Remix) (West Bay)
Gremlinz and Stranjah - 5/4 tune (Dub)

Canadian Heavyweight Gremlinz goes into the mix with an onslaught of his own dub heavy breakbeat sound. featuring collaborations with Stranjah, Renegade Hardware's Loxy and remix duties for Atlantic Connection.

CCDNB 010 The Jump Up and Ragga Jungle Special V2 feat. Chili Banks

August 28, 2009  |  MIX  |  1:30:03  |  posted by sarcastro

Show Tracklist

Barrington Levy & RCola - Lost And Found (Royal Crown)
Collie Buddz - Tomorrow's Another Day (Dabbler Rmx) (???)
Visonary - Change (Free Download at digitalsoundboy.com)
DJ Marky feat. Stamina MC - LK (Rhygin Remix)
Locked and Erbalist - Hunt and Seek VIP (Babylon Recordings Dub)
Krinjah - Anthum (King Kong Sound)
Vast - Roboslut (Dub)
Marcus Visonary - Kill Sound (Rocksteady)
Debaser feat. Johnny Osbourne - Salute the Don (Junlge Royal)
KGBkid and DJ K- Step into a jungle (???)
Broackout and GPWU - The Best Part of You (Dub)
DJ K & Capleton - On A Mission (Big Cat Records)
Chili Banks - The Jungle (Junglist Manifesto)
Collie Buddz - Blind 2 U (Brizzy remix)(Dub)
SixteenArmedJack - Who Dem 2006 Remix (Dub)
Dj Ramza - Crazy soundboys (Dub)
Chili Banks Showcase Mix
Chili Banks ft. Trench - Torture (Dub)
Chili Banks - Jason Kills (Junglist Manifesto)
Chili Banks - All Those Drums (Junglist Manifesto)
Chili Banks - My Mom Says Your a Badmon (Junglist Manifesto)
Chili Banks - The Magic Box (Junglist Manifesto)
Chili Banks - Right Now (Dub)
Chili Banks - Rise Above Nature (Dub)
Dj Slip - Nail Gun (Vinyl Syndicate)

Back by popular demand, we bring you the second installment of the jump up and ragga jungle special featuring an announcement regarding stride recordings, a ticket giveaway contest for passes to the Konkrete Jungle/GME party at Wild Water Kingdom a...

CCDNB 008 Furious Records Showcase Mix Featuring DJ LEXX

June 14, 2009  |  MIX  |  46:54  |  posted by sarcastro

Show Tracklist

Vinyl Syndicate - Man Of Steal (Slip N Slide 2K Remix)
D-Region - Space Rock
Division By Zero - Propellor
D-Region - Let Go (D-Region & Lexx Remix)
Stare & Phibbs - E.S.P.
Division By Zero - Bailiff
D-Region - Cry Baby
D-Region - Camden Town Funk
Dark Agenda - Boogie Nights
Offload - Erupted Hatred (DBZ & Spazztek Remix)
Awaking State - Love, F*ck (Locuss Remix)
D-Region - Terminator’s Theme
D-Region - The Way It Feels Remix (DS-1 Remix)
D-Region - Buenos Aires
D-Region - Fired Up
D-Region - Labyrinths
D-Region - Baby Boy Remix
Toya - I Do (D-Region & Lexx Remix)
Slip N Slide - Let Me Know

We're back! Furious Records Front man DJ LEXX offers up a diverse selection of Drum and Bass anthems off his label. featuring tracks by D Region, Division by Zero, Stare & Phibbs, Slip and Slide, Dark Agenda, DS1 and Locus.

CCDNB 006 Producer showcase mix featuring Mutt

February 1, 2009  |  MIX  |  1:00:42  |  posted by sarcastro

Show Tracklist

Mutt – The art of forgetting (Spearhead Dub)
Mutt – Lets get away (Unreleased)
Mutt – Redness (Influenza Media)
Mutt – The same we always feel (Renegade recordings)
Mutt & Visionary feat. Kevin King – Things have changed (Soundtrax Dub)
Mutt – Saturdays (Unreleased)
Mutt & Visionary – Lady Love (Future retro)
Mutt, Redeyes & Random Movement – Groove thing (Spearhead records)
Mutt – Over (Horizons Dub)
Mutt – Trying measures (Focuz Recordings)
Mutt – Big lights Big city (Inside recordings)
Mutt – Hot Lick Squeeze (Creative Source)
Mutt & Redeyes – Sugar (Spearhead records)
Mutt – Masquerade VIP (unreleased)
Mutt – Kush talk (Spearhead records)
Mutt – Lately i (Focuz Recordings)
Mutt – The motions (Future retro)
Mutt – Feelings for you (Inside recordings)
Mutt – Pin drop (Nu Directions Dub)
Mutt – Session (Inside recordings)
Mutt – Off the cuff (Horizons Dub)
Mutt – Rumors (Inside recordings)
Mutt – Credence (Intrinsic Recordings)
Mutt – New jazz lick (Focuz Recordings)
Mutt – Dublites (Horizons Music)
Mutt – Dublites (Horizons Music)

Featuring all original music by one of the most successful drum and bass producers in Canada, Mutt. Kapulet goes into the mix on this one with a full hour of new releases, classics and forthcoming dubs from Canadas favorite contemporary Drum and...

CCDNB 004 The jump up and ragga jungle special

December 13, 2008  |  MIX  |  1:03:44  |  posted by sarcastro
we introduce a new co host in this special episode featuring some of the best jump up and ragga jungle from rising young talent to veteran producers across Canada. www.ccdnb.net

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