TunaCast #029: EPDMK Guest Mix [FREE DL] [Mix]

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Gather round ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls for the sounds of TunaCast episode #029! On the guest mix this round is a genuine legend on the ADLDNB circuit who’s about to give you a well-deserved lesson; it’s none other than EPDMK! Keeping very busy this year with appearances at Recon DnB, Subalicious, Fresh FM and Skirmish DnB (next week!), get to know your locals because old schooler EPDMK has plenty of fight to give! …and kudos for recording this on a pair of cdj400’s too, it really goes to show it ain’t the tool but it’s how you use it 😉

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– Oh Q

[FREE DL] www.mediafire.com/folder/nck0spckdjonj/TunaCast

Source:  MixCloud  (oh_q)


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